Our advice doesn't stop at the report stage. We have taken many projects through to implementation providing business cases, specifications, project management, on-site supervision and sign off. We have also assisted with planning, licensing and funding. Some examples are provided below and we are always happy to provide more details.

School Lighting


School budgets are limited and so we are pleased to have been instrumental in obtaining over £1.5million of capital funding for low energy lighting projects across Yorkshire schools. Our unique service has surveyed over 30 schools, identified energy saving opportunities, undertaken computer lighting design, developed specifications and managed all the applications required to  gain government funding (through SALIX). We have then project managed the delivery. The schools have gained electricity cost savings of up to 40% without having to spend any of their limited capital budgets.

“The new lighting has already had a positive impact! School feels far less oppressive and more modern. Staff have commented how much better they feel and I really think the pupils are more calm” (Headteacher, Leeds Primary School)

Tropical World


Redding Associates provided concept design, specification, project management and on-site management for the implementation of a new low carbon heating system at the famous Tropical World attraction in Leeds. Working to strict timescales to reduce visitor disruption whilst ensuring close environmental control for the health and well-being of tropical plants and animals were key. The installation also included a biomass boiler for which planning permission and RHI applications were completed by our team. 

A tremendous amount of hard work and dedication has been undertaken as part of a wide-ranging refurbishment programme.......(it) will make the visitor experience to Tropical World even better in the future" (Leeds Council)

Eden Renewables


Redding Associates were asked to review opportunities for renewable energy for Eden Council. From our recommendations, the council decided to fund the installation of solar panels at Penrith Leisure Centre. We then provided the full specification and tender documents for a 50kW installation, project managed the installation on behalf od the council and applied for all permits, licences and incentive payments. The centre remained open during the works and hence project management needed to ensure strict health and safety measures were put in place. The installation went so well that the council immediately asked Redding Associates to manage a further 50kW installation on the same site and to run a tender exercise for a biomass boiler.   

“Thanks..... it is a great achievement" (Eden Council)

Pub Company




We have helped a number of organisations implement the recommendations of energy studies. These have ranged from large chemical companies through to small pub chains such as the Chameleon Pub Company. At the time of the initial survey the company ran eight pubs and Redding Associates were tasked with providing energy saving recommendations and help implement them. We ran awareness sessions with pub staff, set up automatic monitoring and targeting systems, project managed lighting and boiler replacements and negotiated gas and electricity tariffs. As a result the energy usage dropped by 25% and unit costs were lowered.

“I have always been pleased with the work you have carried out for us and the expertise that you bring" (MD, Chameleon Bar and Dining)